Bruce Ismay 1862-1937

"I saw Captain Smith casually, as other passengers did. I was never in his room ; I was never on the bridge until after the accident. I did not sit at his table in the saloon. I had not visited the engine-room. It is absolutely and unqualifiedly false that I ever said that I wished that the Titanic should make a speed record or should increase her daily runs."

"I heard Captain Smith give order to clear the boats. I helped in this work for nearly two hours as far as I can judge. I worked at the starboard boats, helping women and children into the boats and lowering them over the side. All the women that were on this deck were helped into the boat. They were all, I think, third class passengers."

"As the boat was going over the side Mr. Carter, a passenger, and myself got in. At that time there was not a woman on the boat deck, nor any passenger of any class so far as we could see or hear. The boat had between 35 and 40 in it ; it was afterwards discovered that there were four Chinamen concealed under the thwarts in the bottom of the boat."

"The boat would have accommodated certainly six or more passengers in addition if there had been any on the boat deck to go. Neither Mr. Carter nor myself would, for one moment, have thought of getting into the boat if there had been any women there to go in it. Nor should I have done so if I had thought that by remaining on the ship I could have been of the slightest further assistance."

- Titanic Nordens källor?, © Copyright, Mikael L
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