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Titanic Norden produly presents the Titanicshop. This shop was made due to requests from all the visitors. Here you can find links to where you can by everything about Titanic on Internet at the best prices.

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TOP 8: Most sold movies
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Titanic - Special Collector's Edition.
The Special Edition of James Cameron's blockbustermovie is finally here. Watch deleted scenes, behind the scenes, documentaries and much more. The Special Edition comes on 4 DVD-discs.
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Titanic - The Complete Story.
A 6 hour long documentary. In the finest tradition of A & E, this film is a riveting, detailed documentary of R.M.S. Titanic. It reviews the complacency and overconfidence of the Gilded Age, describes the events which led to the building of the Titanic, and through the words of survivors and other eye witnesses, takes us through the sailing, the collision with the iceberg, the sinking, and the aftermath, both in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
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Titanic - The movie from 1997.
The blockbustermovie from 1997 by James Cameron. This movie is a musthave in your Titanicollection. I guess most visitors to this shop allready have this movie :)
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Ghosts of the Abyss.
Ghosts of the Abyss is according to many people the best Titanicmovie to be released. In 2001 James Cameron returned to the wreck to see make a documentary with the best footage ever taken from both inside the wreck and outside. The result is one of the best documentaries ever made.
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National Geographic - Secrets of the Titanic.
This is the story of Dr Bob Ballard's discovery of Titanic on September 1, 1985. The DVD is the perfect complement to Ballard's book The Discovery Of The Titanic, and conveys all the excitement of the discovery. It is a fitting tribute to the ship, those who sailed and died with her, and to those who discovered her.
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Titanic - The 1943 Version.
This version of the Titanic's story is a German film made in 1943 as anti British propaganda. Much of the story is blatantly false. Technically, the film is very good. A few shots were used, without credit, in the excellent A Night to Remember in 1958. The extras on this disc are worth the price alone. There is a 1912 newsreel featuring shots of Titanic's captain E J Smith, the rescue ship Carpathia and its captain, Arthur Roston. Also included is a White Star Promotional film (sort of an early Informercial) showing scenes shot on the Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic. It gives a glimpse of what life was like on the Titanic. Overall, and excellent disc, and a must for Titanic buffs.
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Titanic - A Night To Remember.
A titanic film, first released in 1958, that still makes a powerful impact. This telling of the sinking of the Titanic, based on Walter lord's classic book oft he same name, is still the best of the lot. No special effects, no annoying close-ups, no relentless warbling about hearts going on and on and on and . . .. Criterion deserves kudos for reissuing the film in DVD, in a digital transfer so pristine and a sound so clear it is almost frightening. Added bonus: "The Making of `A Night to Remember," a 60-minutre documentary with fascinating, rare behind-the-scenes footage. Full steam ahead!
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Titanica - An Imaxmovie.
An Imaxmovie converted to DVD. With Titanica, you can see the ill-fated ship in her final resting place. One of the most incredible cinematic shots I have ever seen is your first view of the bow itself; on the large IMAX screen, you suddenly feel your equilibrium go out as your brain tells you that you're truly flying. While an Imax movie inevitably loses something by getting scaled down to the small screen, Titanica is a voyage you won't soon forget.
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Titanic - 1953.
What this film lacks in historical accuracy, it makes up for in the personal drama of Titanic's passengers as they sail unwittingly into the pages of history. It doesn't deal in storybook romances or lost diamonds, but we are drawn into the story all the same......Love it, and will watch it again and again.
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TOP 8: Most sold books
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A Night To Remember.
Walter Lords classic Titanicbook. A Night to Remember is a minute-by-minute account of her fatal collision with an iceberg and how the resulting tragedy brought out the best and worst in human nature. Some gave their lives for others, some fought for survival. Wives beseeched husbands to join them in the boats; gentlemen went taut-lipped to their deaths in full evening dress; hundreds of steerage passengers, trapped below decks, sought help in vain.
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Titanic - Triumph and Tragedy.
This book is VERY detailed and complete, It is a must be for any Titanic Library. Every facet of the liner's history from its origins to the wreck exploration is covered. Each chapter includes pictures of everything connected to the ship. Anyone with any interest in Titanic at all should have a copy.
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Story of the Titanic as told by its Survivors.
"Story of the Titanic as told by its Survivors" recreates that fateful night of april 14/15, 1912 with chilling detail. It is one of the most accurate accounts of the Titanic's collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic and its subsequent foundering. The book is a collection of stories told from the perspective of second class passenger Lawrence Beesly, first class passenger Col. Archibold Gracie, Second Officer Charles Lightoller, and Junior Marconi Operator Harold Bride respectively. Each telling the tale of the foundering of the great ship from his own experience during the hours of 11:20pm April 14 to 8:30am April 15, 1912.
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Ghosts of the Abyss
The must-have book about James Cameron expedition to Titanic. In 2001, he and his expedition team, along with unequalled historians Don Lynch and Ken Marschall, sought to bring the story of Titanic to the reader in a way that had not been accomplished before. With his high-tech 'bots', Cameron and his expedition explored the deepest caverns of the Titanic, creating an awesome photo record of the ship's interiors, as well a visual update of the sad decay that is consuming the once-great ship. The book is full of 'then-and-now' photos. and items explored and photographed that would not have been known to exist on Titanic otherwise. The talents of James Cameron, with his tenacity, Ken Marschall with his knowledge and artistic expertise, and Don Lynch, knowing the personal tales behind the death of White Star Line's legend, come together in this book that will be difficult to surpass. This is the most exciting Titanicbook I have read so far.
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The Discovery of the Titanic.
This book describes the discovery of the Titanic in a perfect way. Besides telling the sad story of her maiden voyage, Dr. Ballard describes his own struggle to complete his long time wish to find Titanic. He talks about troubles raising funds, the tragedy of almost losing the discovery to another expedition and the very exhaustive and mostly boring search. But also about the joy of finally finding the wreck and his emotions during all of this. All this is told from a integer point of view, also crediting the other people for their part in the discovery. The book includes many photographs and two nice full-color foldouts of the wreck.
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Return to Titanic.
1985 Robert Ballard found the Titanic. In 2004 he returned to the wreck with the latest equipment to get newer and better photos than ever taken before. He also wanted to see how the wreck have changed since the discovery. For example the mast from which the lookouts issued warnings has rescently collapsed into the well deck.
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James Cameron's Titanic.
Within these pages is a detailed look at the monumental effort by thousands of artists and craftsmen to accurately re-create the "ship of dreams," including the full-size exterior replica of the ship and the 17-million-gallon tank facility designed to sink her; a wealth of detailed interior spaces; new discoveries from Cameron's 1995 dives to the wreck, some two-and-a-half miles below the ocean surface; studies of the ornate wardrobe, makeup and hairstyles that defined the look of the "Gilded Age"; an overview of the film's groundbreaking visual-effects work; and in-depth interviews with cast and crew, all referenced to the historic events of the Titanic's maiden, and final, voyage.
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Titanic Survivor: The Newly Discovered Memoirs of Violet Jessop Who Survived Both the Titanic and Britannic Disasters
What is truly remarkable about Violet Jessop's memoirs is not simply the fact that this simple and ordinary woman survived not just the sinking of the Titanic but also that of the Britannic; what truly sets her account apart from all others is the eloquent and yet utterly straightforward manner in which she describes the events.
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Titanic - Adventure Out of Time.
Intrigue and adventure await you onboard the Titanic, the most famous ocean liner in history. As a British secret agent on a vital mission, it's up to you to change the course of history as you explore the world's most luxurious ocean vessel in all of its original splendor. Navigate the amazing detainled 3D reconstruction of this doomed ocean liner and rub elbows with high society from the turn of the century, all while gathering clues and solving challenging puzzles. Then, on the night of April 14, 1912, plunge into a race against time that will determine not only your own survival, but the destiny of nations. Historically accurate digital reconstruction of the R.M.S. Titanic with stunning, photo-realistic graphics. Easy to navigate, fully explorable 3D environments. Original soundtrack and ambient effects in 3D stereo.
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The Ultimate Titanic Collection.
This includes both the game from above "Titanic Adventure Out of Time" + Titanic - An interactive Journey. Discover thousands of amazing facts about the vessel, travel on its maiden journey, witness the world-shattering events which led to the loss of more than 1,500 men, women and children and find out what happened in the aftermath of the greatest maritime tragedy of all time.
• New video footage of the Titanic wreckage
• 200 color photographs
• 600 period pictures
• Testimonials form surviving passengers and crew
• Hundreds of fascinating facts and figures
• A detailed and timed diary
Included is also a Bonus-CD with a tour-guide of the Titanic.
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Titanic: Challenge of Discovery.
This is a game released around the same time as Titanic Adventure Out Of Time. This game takes a more scientific approach, letting you go under the sea in a submersible with Robert Ballard (who discovered the Titanic). You are supposed to find Titanic. When you find it you can explore it with your submursibles. You can also dive on other wrecks like the Bismarck.
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Starship Titanic.
The famous adventuregame about a Titanicship in space. This game was made by Douglas Adams who wrote the book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
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James Cameron's Titanic Explorer.
Titanic Explorer combines traditional linear narrative with vast, searchable media archives. It is organized along a simple timeline that accommodates passive users with a unique auto-play mode that resembles a documentary film. At any moment, the user can stop to interact or explore the archives. These archives contain thousands of items -- photos, video, audio, 3D environments, and text documents. Titanic Explorer received the Communication Arts Award for Information Design. The three CDs also include several cut scenes with was not included in the film.
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Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture (1997) [Soundtrack].
The official music from James Camerons movie. James Horner's Titanic was the first soundtrack to reach the No. 1 slot on the Billboard charts in two decades; it also seemed to rival the Big Mac in sales for the year. And what can we say about Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". Horner's combination of synths, chorale, and orchestra perfectly underscores the action in director James Cameron's 20th-century melodrama. It's a finely honed piece of Hollywood craftsmanship from a composer who has tackled more musically adventuresome projects in his career.
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Back To Titanic [Soundtrack].
Fans of the Titanic soundtrack will undoubtedly appreciate this sequel, a collection of original music and background tunes not found on the first disc. They won't be disappointed. The newly composed "Titanic Suite" and "Epilogue: The Deep and Timeless Sea" are patchwork quilts of James Horner's most moving themes from the movie.
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Music Aboard The Titanic.
In 1996, Carl Wolfe was commissioned to arrange music from the Titanic playlist (used by the White Star Line musicians) for the 1997 Titanic Exhibition. It is officially endorsed by the exhibition. Since its release, dozens of other CDs have followed, hoping to capitalize off of the success of the movie
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MMI 1/350 Deluxe Titanic.
A very popular model in the size 1/350.
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Minicraft Models 1/350 RMS Titanic.
Another popular model in the size 1/350.
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